US Attorney Tasked By Sessions To Probe Clinton Foundation Wrongdoing Hearing Rescheduled

Someone in Washington, DC does not want to get to the bottom of things or so I believe.

As the clock winds down on the House Republicans, they are trying to rush a few last details before they give power back to the Democrats who start their tyranny in January 2019.

US Attorney John Huber was set to appear before Congress on December 5, but that has been delayed. This no doubt has something to do with the funeral of former president George HW Bush, but no date has been determined for a reschedule.

If you think you have heard the name Huber before, this is the individual that was tasked by former Atty. Gen. Jeff sessions to probe alleged wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation, there were uranium one scandal and possible surveillance abuses by the Obama administration during the presidential campaign.

Rep. Mark Meadows told the Hill it was time to “circle back” to Huber’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation and he’s right. In a few weeks, it won’t matter as much because the House will be led by Democrats who will push this to the back burner for the next two years.

Who believes this is very important? If so, why not just set another date immediately to get this done? I am not into conspiracies but as I said before, time is running out, and Democrats won’t care about bringing Huber to the House for questioning.

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