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Households Stockpiling Food Of BREXIT Deadline; Retail Sales Fall Flat

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said his date to leave the EU is October 31, even if there isn’t a transition deal to smooth the possible economic shock.

Johnson did offer a contingent that if Brussels make concessions, things could change but there is no word on that as of this article. Retail sales in Great Britain fell in August as many consumers have made the decision to take care of home first before buying things they don’t need.

Boris must stick to his guns. He has found the EU’s weakness and it’s no deal. If he sticks with no deal, he will have the EU running to him begging once the UK leaves. They are the big losers in no deal and they know it.

Annual total sales growth fell to zero from the weakest July rise on record of 0.3%, the British Retail Consortium, which groups major high-street chains and supermarkets, said.

That pushed down the average pace of sales growth over the past 12 months to 0.4%, the weakest since the BRC began its data collection in 1995.

“Greater economic and political uncertainty has driven down consumer demand,” BRC Chief Executive Helen Dickinson said. “While the summer weather gave a small boost to food sales, this was cancelled out by a drop in non-food sales.”

Britain’s consumers have propped up Britain’s economy since the 2016 Brexit referendum, helping to offset cuts to investment spending by companies. But economists say recent signs of a weakening in spending by households raise the risk of a recession as the country prepares to leave the European Union. [Reuters]

I will believe Brexit only when and if it finally happens. Just as the deep state and globalists tried to rob Pres. Trump of his first term, I do not trust remainers in the UK and the EU leadership to not try to rob the UK of their political will.

That said, I have every faith that if Brexit does happen, all the governments involved are prepared for it. That’s what governments do, they develop contingency plans. Any eventuality, they will have procedures and people in place, ready to go immediately. To believe otherwise is to give in to Project Fear.

Do not think the UK stands alone. With Donald Trump rattling the EU cage and going against Iran and China, UK no longer the cash cow for destabilizing countries and Switzerland now refusing to be pushed around by Brussels, the world may just begin to address the evil so deceitfully spread by the globalists by their useful idiots.

Considering the fuss that Boris has created in just 40 calendar days, it does make me wonder, what did the deluded Teresa May believe she was doing when she claimed to have been working tirelessly to achieve Brexit?

I hope our brothers and sisters achieve Brexit

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