House Republican Will Not Seek Reelection After Sexual Harassment Claim/Settlement

Rep. Blake Farenthold is stepping down from after it was found an allegation of sexual harassment toward female staff members and creating a hostile work environment.

Farenthold settled a case back in 2014 but denies the allegations. I guess you’re wondering why settle if you didn’t do anything wrong, right? It’s the America way.

Who would have ever thought that the way to drain the swamp is sexual allegations? This subject is taking down more Congressmen then any other subject or action I’ve seen in many years. I guess 17 million dollars of payouts can’t stay blanketed for long.

Farenthold plans to step down in 2018.

Source: Washington Post

A spokesman for the Texas Secretary of State said Farenthold missed the deadline to withdraw from his district’s primary race, so his name will likely remain on the ballot. “Barring any challenge to the candidate’s application before the mail-in ballots go out in late January, his name will still be on the ballot for the March 6 Primary,” Sam Taylor emailed.

The decision came after a series of unflattering news stories about Farenthold, a fourth-term congressman who is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for his behavior toward Lauren Greene, with whom he reached a settlement in 2014.

CNN reported Wednesday that another former aide, Michael Rekola, approached the Ethics Committee with allegations Farenthold was verbally abusive and sexually demeaning to aides.

We should all get the true details of the slush funds that pay victims of these crimes on our dime. Farenthold and his buddies are still the tips of the iceberg. I won’t hold back on this perv like I didn’t hold back on the Democrats. He needs to resign today and drop off a personal check for $84,000 at the US Treasury on his way out the door!

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This is what you call draining the swamp. Hopefully, those who want to serve in public office will begin to realize society is now requiring decent and respectful behavior as part of the job description.

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