House Republican Who Wants Trump Impeached Already Down By 16 In Latest Poll

Rep. Justin Amash claims Pres. Trump is guilty of obstruction, but of course he doesn’t cite an example.

I noticed that he recently said he would like to run against Trump in 2020 as the Libertarian candidate. A few weeks ago he timed an impeachment tweetstorm against the president to get invited to the Sunday talk shows so he could try to help the Democrats bury our Commander-in-chief.

McCain left a vacuum, and I suppose Amash is taking it up. He’s reading the work of 13 angry Democrats and a special counsel who has professional and personal conflicts which concluded that there was no collusion and no obstruction but in the middle tinged their language with innuendo and implications that skewed negative.

When asked during a town hall meeting last month whether he fears his pro-impeachment comments could leave him vulnerable to a primary challenge by Michigan State Rep. Jim Lower, Rep. Justin Amash (R–Grand Rapids) smiled and said, “I am not concerned about it.”

It may be time to dial up the concern-o-meter.

In a June 5-9 Practical Political Consulting (PPC) and MIRS survey of just 360 likely GOP voters announced Tuesday (though not yet available online), Lower thumped Amash in a head-to-head matchup, 49 percent to 33 percent. According to MIRS News, the poll also found that if President Donald Trump campaigned in the district for Lower, “the challenger’s margin actually goes down 43 [percent] to 32 [percent].”

The poll did not include former Army National Guardsman Tom Norton, who has also filed to run. As Hot Air’s Allahpundit notes, “That’s Amash’s best hope for a victory — draw more pro-Trump, anti-Amash candidates into the race, hope that the majority of Republican voters splinter among them, and win the nomination with a plurality.” [Reason]

Fellow Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib has praised Amash for stepping out from House Republicans and asking for Pres. Trump to be impeached.

I’ve read the Mueller report. Besides the fact that it is incredibly poorly written, it doesn’t show credible evidence of obstruction.

  1. There was no underlying crime.
  2. It is clear that there was a plot to frame the President and his associates.
  3. The conduct that Mueller questions relate to the President complaining about the mistreatment he and his administration was forced to endure.
  4. They did endure the investigation and took no action to impede it, other than to complain publicly and privately.

Lastly, since the bases of the investigation we’re fraudulent (perjured affidavits to the FISA Court, and the framing of Papadopoulos) none of the actions taken by the Special Counsel should be considered legitimate.

Does anyone remember back in February 2019, Amash was the only House Republican to co-sponsor a resolution blocking Trump’s national emergency declaration seeking additional funds to build physical barriers on the southern border.

Looks like he’s a bad seed.

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