House Dem Rep Threatens President Trump If He Tries To Use Funds From Other Programs

  • Rep. John Garamendi is introducing to prevent President Donald Trump from using disaster relief funds to pay for a border wall.
  • Garamendi emphasized that funding/appropriation is within the purview of Congress, not the President.
  • “But I’ll guarantee you there would be tomorrow and when tomorrow comes the president would pay a heavy price in other things he might think are important.”

Rep. Garamendi seems to have gone the route of threatening President Trump and whatever he wants to do going forward in the way of funding programs if he chooses to move money from various departments to fund the border wall.

I didn’t think President Trump could move funds without Congressional approval; I learned that when a lot of Trump supporters were yelling that Trump can easily use the parts of the trillion dollar omnibus bill to get the wall funded.

Government is there for a reason, and the Republicans that were in office failed to give the President what he needed to secure the border, never let that be forgotten. Democrats were placed in the gap to secure the position of not funding the border at all costs.

In the beginning of the interview, Bolduan talked to Garamendi about whether the bill is necessary to protect the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers civil works projects, and he said that it is, because it would repeal prior legislation giving the Chief Executive the power to move that money. He emphasized that funding/appropriation is within the purview of Congress, not the President.

“Right now there’s $37 billion that the president could conceivably take out of communities around the nation, money that is desperately needed for economic development, for the waterways, for the ports, and even more important for flood protection in Houston and California and Puerto Rico and other places,” he said. “We don’t want him to do that.”

Original story via Mediaite

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