House Passes $5 Billion For Border Wall — Now It Goes To The Senate!

Last year before the end of July 2017, the Republican House passed 1.6 billion dollars in funding for Pres. Trump’s wall and it was killed in the Senate.

Now, the House is passing a five billion dollar funding measure for the wall when Pres. Trump initially asked for 26 billion dollars. Both houses of Congress gave 1.6 billion with the 1.3 trillion dollar Omnibus bill they passed last fall.

The Republicans are dinking and dunking Pres. Trump’s ability to get the wall done on purpose and many voters should be angry. There’s no reason why this request should be taking this long. The wall is meant to defend this country and protect it from illegal aliens that were pouring into the country under Barack Obama.

Source: Washington Examiner

A fiscal 2019 spending measure was introduced in the House on Wednesday that provides $5 billion for a southern border wall and additional funding for border security that aims to achieve “100 percent scanning” of the border within five years.

The Homeland Security appropriations subcommittee measure would fund more than 200 miles of “new physical barrier construction” along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The legislation also includes $223 million to add 375 additional border patrol agents above the Trump administration request, including 140 canine teams, that, according to the House Appropriations Committee, will “initiate a five-year strategy toward achieving 100 percent scanning on the southern border.”

The measure increases the budget for Immigration and Customs Enforcement by $328 million over fiscal 2018. Of that new funding, $78 million is allotted for the hiring of 400 additional ICE agents and support staff.

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For those of you that were excited about the Omnibus bill because you thought the wall was going to get built by some fund shifting hocus pocus, I say don’t get too happy. I don’t trust these Republicans that backstab and turn against the Commander-in-chief for political expediency. They are a pack of dogs and snakes and should be treated as such.

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