House Dems Pass Hollow Amnesty Bill That Has No Teeth And DOA In Senate

When Pres. Trump offered to protect Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, Democrats balked and walked away. Now they are passing legislation that will not get past the Senate and even if it did, the White House said to expect a veto of the bill.

Democrats didn’t want to give Pres. Trump money for the wall which is why they turned away from the bill, and Sen. Chuck Schumer looked as if he was caving into Trump’s demands so when the Dem base started shouting at him to resist, he walked.

With chants of “Yes we can” raining from the rafters, House Democrats on Tuesday powered through legislation to cancel deportations and grant future citizenship rights to millions of people, in a vote that nodded more toward 2020 politics than to substantive policymaking.

The 237-187 vote was momentous, marking the first major legalization to pass the House in nearly a decade, and underscoring the ground Democrats feel they have gained on an issue both sides expect to be at the center of the presidential election.

Waters Is Banking On Americans Supporting Impeachment If Dems Keep Pushing

With President Trump calling for action to solve crisis at the border, Democrats countered by casting their eye inward at the 11 million illegal immigrants who already made it across America’s boundaries and have found places in the shadows.

Democrats on Tuesday singled out more than two million of them for legalization, in what party leaders said was the first step toward a more comprehensive solution.

“We have the opportunity to be a part of history, to be on the right side of history,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told colleagues as she rallied support. [Washington Times]

The Senate should take this bill, add some nine-inch nails, fill a seat cushion and send it back to Pelosi with instructions on where Democrats can sit on it. Oh, wait! The Senate is controlled by Republicans.

They can just send a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates instead.

Elections have consequences! This will never fly in the Senate, and hopefully, the American people will not support Democrats in 2020 precisely because of this insanity!

Let this be fair warning to all Americans! This is the kind of nonsensical law that Democrats will pass after they win an election! A vote for ANY Democrat, whether it be in a local, state or federal election, is a vote against America!

America cannot survive a Democrat victory in 2020!

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