House Dems Haven’t Done ANYTHING All Year And Now They Want A Raise

The Socialists and the Party of redistribution of wealth are voting for another massive pay raise for themselves.

The Democrat-led House hasn’t done anything for the American people since they took over at the beginning of the year, but that hasn’t stopped them from thinking they deserve a $4,500 pay raise.

Congressional salaries have been capped at $174,000 since 2009 when the Obama economy struggled. When the GOP took over, automatic increases were struck down every year since. Now that Dems are back in control of the House, the main reason they want to increase their pay is covered under the blanket of “cost-of-living” adjustments.

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I’d rather see a $100,000.00 fine for every member of Congress, for their lack of action in passing laws that help all US citizens. Not “hot-button” topics proposed by Democrats only or Republicans only. The kind of stuff that benefits everybody, or at least a 75% majority. Evan Hollander, House Appropriations Committee spokesman, said: “There is strong bipartisan support for these modest inflation adjustments.”

They always seem to find the time to do that but Update the Immigration Laws, not so much. I wished there was some way to stop it.

Here’s a question I have for the members of Congress. How is $174,000 a year not enough for these lawmakers? It’s three times the average American’s salary, and they don’t do their jobs. They lie, cheat, and misrepresent government every time they get a chance.

In every capitalist business environment, people are required to be productive. They either get goods produced or get plans for immediate and future monetary success instituted and immediately acted on. But not politics. And the more the politicians have a socialist leaning, the more they are unable to produce. Because the socialists do not understand the accountability requirements that capitalism operates on. In other words,… “If you want the money, get off the couch.”



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