House Committee Passes Bill Eliminating Adult Websites From Federal Employees Desktops!

When President Trump talked about draining the D.C. swamp he wasn’t playing and neither were some conservatives in Congress.

A House committee chose to pass a bill that would clean up government computers and stop federal employees from accessing porn on their computers. You would think this was already in place. Back in 2014, there was an employee who was caught spending countless hours on a government computer download over 7,000 porn files.

Hopefully, Attorney General Jeff Sessions gets search warrants on those that try to oppose this restriction.


Also in the markup, the committee approved the Eliminating Pornography From Agencies Act. The panel also signed off on the bill from Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., in the last Congress, though it never received a vote on the House floor. The bill would require the Office of Management and Budget to issue governmentwide guidance prohibiting access to pornographic websites on federal computers. Currently, Meadows said, agencies maintain a patchwork of disparate rules on the subject.

The issue came to the forefront in 2014, when an Environmental Protection Agency inspector general report found an employee spent between two and six hours per day viewing pornography while at work. The employee had downloaded and viewed more than 7,000 pornographic files during duty hours.

Meadows cautioned he was not trying to paint with a broad brush, saying the bill would “raise up the level of the federal workforce.”

“This in no way is meant to disparage the federal workforce,” he said.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, called federal porn watchers the “seediest of the bad apples” who “need serious help.”

This is probably why our government isn’t working. This is a no-brainer and thanks to Congressman Mark Meadows,  it’s going to get shut down.

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