House Appropriations Committee Passes Funding Bill Allowing DACA Illegals To Work For U.S. Government

After learning about this bait and switch, I can say without prejudice, House Republicans aren’t worth the trip to the voting booth most of us took to put them in office.

A bi-partisan House gave President Trump a huge chunk of money to help build back up our military after the carnage left by Barack Obama and I have to admit I didn’t see this news coming afterward. After praising a both sides of the aisle for working together on helping our military, now I learn the Republican-led House approved a funding bill allowing illegals who were granted amnesty under Obama the ability to work for the government.

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If you are here illegally the only government facility you should ever be “allowed in” is a jail cell, an ICE office or the courtroom where you are informed that you have been deported. No Republican ever should allow this to pass through the House without some sort of argument to stop it.

Source: Conservative Review

While Republicans on the House floor were busy forcing the military to fund sex-change operations and fight global warming, members of the House Appropriations Committee slipped in an amendment to a funding bill allowing illegal aliens amnestied by Obama’s illegal DACA program to seek employment with the federal government.

Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee, which is full of liberal Republicans, approved the FY 2018 Financial Services appropriations bill. The bill also funded general government provisions, including those related to personnel. Rep. Pete Aguilar, D-Ca., proposed an amendment allowing those illegals authorized to be employed by Obama’s edict under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to be eligible for employment by the federal government or companies where a majority stock is owned by the federal government. Rather than blocking the amendment or at least forcing a roll-call vote so that we can bring the amnesty supporters out of the shadows and document them, Rep. Frelinghuysen allowed it to pass by voice vote. Thus we have undocumented supporters of amnesty.

It’s a shame our government would put illegal immigrants into government jobs before it would Americans. What has this country came to when it would put immigrant before American people.

There should be a referendum with the people voting on bills like this. This legislation only benefits a segment of people who aren’t even Americans. I thought that our elected officials were sent to Washington to represent the American people.

What will they think of next?! Congress just keeps on thinking up these bills, but can’t think up how to NOT raise the debt ceiling and pay down the debt, repeal AHCA, simplify taxes, stop taxing social security.

What are your thoughts on this and will it make it to the Senate? Share your comments below.

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