Hospice Workers Arrested For Mocking And Uploading Video Of Dying Patient To SnapChat

This generation of kids is unbelievable and unless there is a ‘come to Jesus” meeting I don’t see it ending any time soon.

Actually, I see it getting worse. Mya Moss, Jorden Bruce, and Lizeth Ramirez are in huge trouble as they were arrested for not attending to and videotaping a patient who had just gone through a stroke, dying and uploading it to Snapchat, a social media video platform.

They stole her last, most private moments on earth and even though she was not alone in the room, she died alone. You would think that between the three of them there would be at least one responsible person but apparently not. They’re too young and immature for such responsibility.

Source: 11Alive

At the time the Snapchat video was taking place, the victim had just had a stroke, according to police. The three employees had been instructed by supervisors to monitor her condition while awaiting a hospice nurse.

On the Snapchat video, Ramirez and Bruce can be seen sitting in chairs laughing, screaming obscenities and using a vape cigarette while Moss was shooting the video.

“They were obviously more interested in playing on the phone and making the video and cutting up and making a joke of the situation,” Parker said. “My understanding is that the hospice nurse had been contacted, and these employees were supposed to be watching the female, and obviously that wasn’t happening.”

The manager said that when she watched the Snapchat video herself, she could identify the three suspects — Mya Moss, Jorden Bruce and Lizeth Ramirez — as they sat in the patient’s room.

One day, they may find themselves, being filmed and laughed at, on their deathbeds. What you do to others, sometimes comes right back at you. Karma is funny that way.

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How completely heartless do you have to be to do something this terrible? This is what happens when you view your occupation as a paycheck and not something of personal interest.

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