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[VIDEO] Violent Unrest In Hong Kong Causes Police To Evacuate Students!!

This might be an overreach by me but it seems as if the Communist Chinese government is about to mass murder citizens in Hong Kong, which has always been China’s response to dissension among its citizenry.

The evil, power-hungry, Chinese Communist dictators MUST control every infinitesimal aspect of their citizens’ lives. I fear that blood is going to be spilled in Hong Kong, just as in the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Reports are coming out of China that students are being evacuated!

What a mess the Chinese are making of Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of the greatest economic success stories in history. It’s a rock. There was nothing there in terms of natural resources. Free market capitalism transformed it into an economic powerhouse.

Beijing’s liaison office in Hong Kong says the city is “sliding into the abyss of terrorism” and a harsher crackdown is needed to end the unrest and restore order.

The warning comes as the financial hub reels from some of the worst violence since massive anti-government protests started five months ago, with the number of protesters arrested since Monday surpassing the total for the whole previous week.

This week, a protester was shot by police, a man was set on fire, roads were blocked and university campuses turned into battlegrounds.

As the Hong Kong government struggles to calm the public and stop the violence, Beijing has again thrown its weight behind the city’s administration and police force, urging them to take tougher action. [South China Morning Post]

Trump has certainly spoken up about Communist China and the way it treats its citizens; it is a large part of why he placed sanctions against them through trade; he is tired of China treating OUR citizens the way they treat their own. No other president since before Nixon has held China’s feet to the fire the way Trump does. I should think that is more important than whether or not he “tweets” about it.

In a statement late on Tuesday, the central government’s liaison office said it “resolutely supports the Hong Kong government in adopting every necessary measure to end the unrest and restore order as soon as possible, arrest the criminals and severely punish their violent acts”.

It called on the Hong Kong government, police and judiciary to “decisively adopt all necessary means to forcefully crack down on various acts of violence and terrorism”.

The liaison office also warned at the time that “if these terrorist atrocities were allowed to spread, Hong Kong would slide into a bottomless abyss”. [South China Morning Post]

May God bless the innocent, who merely want freedom from an oppressive government, and keep them safe and for those whom the government will murder, may God rest and keep their souls. There will be many martyrs.

Watch the video above, via Global News


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