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Hong Kong Protesters Continue To Clash With Police At Airport; Call For British Help

This fight that Hong Kong is raging against China is similar to the U.K. trying to get away from the European Union (EU).

Hong Kong is a small country taking on a giant empire, and I feel sorry for what they are going through at the moment. Democracy does not come easy, but, it is possible to keep it and improve it – too many male rulers can not let go of power.

How did the British ever conclude that it was “ever going to be the right thing ” to hand all these people over too eventful Communist China Rule? Would the British ever consider turning a mass of their people over to communist rule in any place around the World?

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All they want is freedom and a better life. Instead, China wants to strangle them and keep them from being free. I agree the UK should step in and help out, but I know it’s a tricky situation, as China could see them as interfering in their business and want to go to war. It’s a difficult situation all around.

Activists snarled road and rail links, erecting barriers and flooding stations en route to the airport, while shouting: “Stand with Hong Kong, fight for freedom!” Others drove slowly on purposes to hinder traffic.

Some built barricades outside the airport, dispersing in a flash when riot police charged and aggressively pinned people down to make arrests.

The plan was to re-create mass chaos last seen in mid-August when a five-day occupation of the airport – one of the world’s busiest transport hubs – led to hundreds of flight cancellations.

Scenes briefly turned violent when protesters assaulted two men from mainland China and clashed with riot police.

“The Hong Kong airport is extremely important to the city in terms of the economy, and tourism,” said Toby Pun, 23. “I hope this will force the government to respond.” [Telegraph]

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The real dilemma is whether Communist-run China will prevail in the former British democratic colony of Hong Kong. The clash that has gone on since Vladimir Lenin locked the majority communists (Menschcaviks ) out of the Hall which allowed his minority party Bolsheviks to overthrow the free Democratic-run Kerensky government in Russia and establish the Soviet Union. In Hong Kong, the people were raised in a democracy, forced to try a modicum of communism since the Brits left and rejected communism.

These people are fighting for Democracy, and the left in America is busy tearing it to shreds. They would give anything to have what we have. So would the people south of the border which is why they come here in droves.

Good luck to the people of Hong Kong. Democracies are forged by leaving an oppressive central government.

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