Student Apologizes For Wearing Hometown Hockey Jersey After Others Call It Offensive!

A student attending Bethel University was told the wearing of his Chicago Blackhawks was offensive so he issued an apology.

How many of you would apologize for wearing your hometown hockey team jersey? When will this snowflake attitude end?

Cody Albrecht fell prey to liberal snowflakes outrage over his jersey and submitted to their demands. This should never happen again because if anyone follows Albrecht template, they will be punk’d to conforming to what the leftist want you to wear

Source: College Fix

A Bethel University student recently issued an apology for wearing a Chicago Blackhawks sweatshirt to class after he was told the clothing was “offensive and hurtful.”

The controversy unfolded at the small, Minnesota-based Christian college in a class called “Social Perspectives, Human Worth and Social Action,” which delves into themes of culture, power and oppression in America, according to its online description.

Student Cody Albrecht, who is from Chicago, came to the class wearing his home team’s apparel in mid-April, then offered to turn it inside out “after becoming aware of the unease in his classroom because of his sweatshirt,” the Clarion student news outlet reports.

Americans need to assess these snowflakes and shut down their crybaby, whiny attitudes. The hockey jersey stays! Sports fans have been wearing their colors for years so expect it for generations to come.

Albrecht needs to go get his jersey and slip it back on and don’t fall for that crap again.

What are your thoughts about Albrecht’s decision to apologize? Share your comments below.

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