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Woman Chases Down Package Thief And Caught It On Camera

These package thieves have a new name “porch pirates,” and it suits them well.

They scope out your house in an attempt to take what you purchased. Most of the time, they get away with it because most homes do not have a form of security but in this particular video, the homeowner was home and saw what happened, and she was not going to let her money walk away from her house in someone else’s pocket.

The Ring video showed a woman walking up to Abeyta’s porch and stealing a package. Abeyta ran outside and saw her crossing the street to get away.

“I thought, ‘No way this is happening to me,’” Abeyta said.

Abeyta got in her car, parked and confronted the woman. She recorded the whole confrontation on her phone, asking for the woman’s name and threatening to call the police. As the woman took off running, Abeyta chased her down for about a minute.

“I don’t even know what came out of my mouth or even why I said what I did. It just happened,” Abeyta said. “I was mad as hell. There was no way I was going to let her go. I would have ran for as many miles as I had to to get my package.”

Source: KDVR

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