Homeless Man Bought Her Gas With His Last $20; She Has Raised $200K For Him On GoFundMe

When I was a little boy in church, I used to listen to the pastors always say if you give your last, God will multiply your reward and in this case, he did it big time!

Her name is Kate McClure, and she ran out of gas a few weeks ago on Interstate 95. A homeless man saw her stranded and walked to the nearest gas station and used his last twenty dollars to buy gasoline for her. She didn’t have anything to return this gesture, but she found him a few times after that meeting and gave him money and clothes.

Kate then had an idea. Start a gofundme with a limit of $10,000 and deliver some goodness to him. What Kate didn’t expect was that maximum was shattered when the word spread.

Source: CBS Baltimore

McClure said she didn’t have any money to repay him at the time but returned to the road several times to give him cash, clothes and food.

After a few visits, she started the fundraiser with the hopes of using the money toward housing and other expenses for the 34-year-old Bobbitt.

“I wish that I could do more for this selfless man, who went out of his way just to help me that day,” she wrote on the fundraising page. “Truly believe that all Johnny needs is one little break. Hopefully with your help I can be the one to give it to him.”

Donations have poured in, and the fundraiser has shattered its goal of raising $10,000 for Bobbitt. About 2,000 people had given to the campaign by Wednesday evening.

This was a great story. The homeless man was worried about her safety and willing to give his last, and that shows you what a real Samaritan is all about. He put himself in the situation to make sure she was safe and on her way in a tough neighborhood. God used this woman to reward him generously, and I am betting dollars to donuts that he will give away some of that money to help other homeless victims.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend.

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