Former ICE Director Blasts Democrats Who Don’t Want To Work With Pres Trump On Border Issues!

Tom Homan, former Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement didn’t hold back his emotions when he challenged Democratic lawmakers that pressed him about migrant detention at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday.

Homan tried to educate the non-thinking lawmakers how the Trump administration’s policy was virtually the same under Barack Obama’s administration. Rep. Pramila Jayapal decided it was her time to showboat and be the antagonist in the room but Homan told everyone in front of him behind the walls of lawmaking that what happens at the border is on the hands of Congress.

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Homan: “You want to know why there’s 50,000 people in detention. You want to know why we have one million illegal entries in the United States. You want to know why I have these issues because you have failed to secure the border. You guys have failed to work with this president to close the three loopholes we’ve asked you for two years to close. So if you want to know why this issue exists, you need to look in the mirror. You have failed American people by not securing the border and closing loopholes.

Rep. Jayapal chaired the hearing was visibly upset at being targeted by Homan, interrupted his speaking time every chance she could. Things got especially heated between the two of them. Then, Homan gave his last word, “I’m a taxpayer. You work for me.”

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One of the main issues is the Flores Settlement agreement which the Trump administration said it was working to get rid of. This agreement initiated the ‘catch and release,’ program which put a burden on the immigration system by incentivizing illegal immigration through loopholes. The problem? Detention centers couldn’t hold family units for more than 20 days, even though it takes roughly 45 to 60 days to complete their immigration proceedings.

They are released into major cities with the expectations of returning for their scheduled court date and they never show back up. Furthermore, statistics show that these illegal families are allowed to stay up to eight years before being summoned to court by using other loopholes in the system as an alternative to detention.

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Under the new law, families can be held in detention centers until the court dates which is more prudent.

Homan has been on the front lines and has more of a grasp of the issues than those in Congress who travel to the border with their minds made up, looking for negative issues to pick out and report on to the opposition media.

Thank God for our border patrol and former director Homan. We need more patriots like this watching our country’s back.

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