House Hispanic Caucus Angry With Pelosi; She Misled Us On Wall Funding!

Nancy Pelosi has always been a liar and we conservatives have called that from the beginning but liberals are so thick-headed, they didn’t listen.

The Omnibus bill to fund the government until September was signed last month and now the Congressional Hispanic Caucus just found out some of the money inside the bill could be used as a down payment to fund President Trump’s border wall.

First off, what took them so long? Secondly, why didn’t they read the bill. I am sure if it is there now, it was there over a month ago. Once again this shows us that Representatives do not read the legislation they sign and that’s a major problem.

Pelosi will have to deal with the Hispanics in Congress and it won’t be easy, especially if they want to start making waves.

Source: NTK Network

Democrats are up in arms over a vote they took last month to fund the government. According to some Democrats in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), they believe a portion of the government funding is going to a “down payment” for President Trump’s border wall with Mexico.

Specifically, the CHC members are blaming House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for “misleading” them.

“I think Pelosi misled our caucus in the last supplemental because it was $300 million allocated for replacement fencing in Arizona and California, and moving forward we can’t let our leadership mislead us,” Texas Rep. Filemon Vela said at a Congressional Hispanic Caucus meeting with reporters late last month.

“In my view, if you voted yes on that budget, you are voting for the down payment that Donald Trump talks about on his wall,” Vela later told BuzzFeed News.

Democratic leadership is in full denial mode, telling CHC members that the vote was “in no way a down payment on the wall,” but suspicions are up within the caucus.

What will probably happen in this situation is Pelosi will be forced to ask for something to soothe over the clamoring voices before it goes viral.

While Pelosi has been in charge, Democrats have lost seats from the East to the West coast. It’s in shambles and there’s nobody to blame but her right now as the others have left the scene.

I hope she gets what’s coming to her in a huge way.

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