Hillary: Weinstein Gave Me Between $12-16K Or Something Like That

Former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is moving the goal posts when it comes to how much money Harvey Weinstein has given her over the years.

During an interview with Channel 4 News, Hillary tells the reporter she was friends with Weinstein, but she didn’t get a lot of money from him during her campaigns to hold office.

How many individuals are going to believe that? They were friends for decades. They took pictures everywhere, and Weinstein flaunted his association with the Clintons, and she’s telling a bald-faced lie about how much she got from him, and she did it with a straight face.

She also lied about where the money was coming from. In the video below she said the money would be coming from the campaign, but she’s also told one reporter the money would be coming from her personal income. (Related Article – Hillary Is Giving Back Weinstein Donations Out Of Her Income; Huge Tax Break?)

I like how she tried to shift “the story” to the sexual assault President in office now.

Why did my parents teach me to hate liars? Why didn’t they teach me to accept them and even admire them? I’d be so much happier. I’ve been denied a safe space.

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Wayne Dupree

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