Hillary Is Giving Back Weinstein Donations Out Of Her Personal Income; Huge Tax Break?

Americans can’t trust a Clinton farther than you can throw them. This latest slight of hand will keep all of you from ever believing her.

Hillary Clinton said she would give back contributions from Harvey Weinstein, but she also told everyone she would do so from her income and not from her organization.

Did you get this? This is an admittance that she uses donations as personal income. Really? Is it legal to use the money donated to your political campaign as personal income?

What does that mean? Hillary is looking for a tax break to get paid while claiming she’s giving the money back.

Source: Daily Caller

Tax experts said under this scenario she would be able to deduct this money from her income taxes.

‘Is this a situation where her campaign organization is turning over money to her, that goes into her checking account, and then she’s writing a check on that account to make the donation?’ said Block. ‘That would raise some questions as to who’s actually making the donation.’

Chicago tax attorney Robert McKenzie said it could raise problems if Clinton classified the political donations as personal income.

I don’t see how she could justify that as being part of her income. I don’t see how she can take that out of her personal return,’ said McKenzie.

McKenzie said one reason Clinton might donate the money herself is if the campaign does not have enough money left in its accounts.

The Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee for Hillary for America and the Democratic National Committee, appears to have enough funds to cover the donation. According to Federal Election Commission records, it has over $400,000 in the bank.

She claims to give 10% of her income every year to charity, and these contributions would be part of that. First, this is not part of your income, but we all know that Clinton’s use their contributions as a private slush fund. Second, if you include this into the donations you already give, is it giving it back? Words matter with the Clintons and remember, it depends on what your definition of “is” is as Bill so famously put it.

Harvey Weinstein, how much money did he donate to her? Since when does campaign donations become the personal property of Hillary? It seems this was just another credit card account for the Clintons to use.

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