Hillary Clinton Believes Democrats Are Winning National Anthem Fight!

The Democratic party has become the socialist loon party, the Republicans have become the Democratic party, and conservatives are left out in the cold.

Democrats are always about show and acting. That’s why so many actors are leftists. Nothing they do is practical; otherwise, they would collect their billions and distribute among the less fortunate. Hillary is why you should never vote Democrat! There are much more just like her hiding in the weeds!

Source: Fox News

She said people should resist “what are very clear dog-whistles” to the Trump base, pointing to the example of kneeling NFL players.

That’s what black athletes kneeling was all about,” she said in response to a question about ways to resist the White House. ”That’s not against our anthem or our flag.”

“Actually, kneeling is a reverent position,” she continued. “It was to demonstrate in a peaceful way against racism and injustice in our criminal system.”

Clinton urged the Democratic Party to continue to “resist” the president, saying “I think it would be a grave error for Democrats to recede from those fights, so therefore we have to stand up, fight back, resist.”

“We have really well-respected security and intelligence veterans saying this was a kind of cyber 9/11 in the sense that it was a direct attack to American institutions,” she said. “That may sound dramatic but we know they tried to recruit into election systems, not just social media propaganda.”

Many of us aren’t even looking on this as a left vs. right issue. We all look on the NFL players as scumbags vs. the honor of our fallen soldiers. Having the right to burn the flag (for example) doesn’t mean it’s a respectful or “American” thing to do. (Related Article – Hillary Defends NFL Players Kneeling During National Anthem; “Not Against Our Anthem Or Flag”)

It’s more like Hillary hasn’t stopped attacking Trump especially after she lost so badly. She made a book and is whining on tour talking to anyone willing to listen to her lies.

There are a time and place for protest, but not the football field. The football field is a workplace, and as such, management has the right to direct the workforce. If you screw off of work, you get fired, so should those protesting football players. They think they have the right to disrespect our country, well, we have the right to not spend our money on them

Hillary should know this, but she’s playing her little game and taking everyone down with her that dares to follow her.

The truth is if these NFL players were genuinely interested in whatever they’re protesting they’d take their protest off the field and into the streets when the games were over. Instead, they get into their expensive cars and head back to their millionaire mansions, acting like fools on Instagram and Snapchat. They’re not protesting any injustices; they’re protesting Trump who had only said aloud what their fans have been saying for over a year.

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