Opinion: If The Dems Case Is So Strong And So Obvious, As They Insist, Why Need More Docs And Witnesses?

What’s with all the complaining?

If the Democrats’ case is so strong and so obvious, as they insist, why would they need more documents and more witnesses? That they are insisting on such shows, they know they don’t have a case. Most of the information was available at the time of the House impeachment hearing, so they should have presented it then. This is all intended to damage Trump politically for November, so McConnell is doing the right thing.

Too, nothing is preventing Democrats in the House from starting the impeachment process all over again after they get their rear ends kicked in what will be an acquittal of Trump. If they do have new evidence, they could always introduce it in the new hearing.

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Wouldn’t Congress have the evidence already to convict? After all, they are the ones that started this process? If they do not, then why did they run with the impeachment? The Senate trial is not about uncovering the facts. That is what the House process is for. The Senate trial is where the House presents its evidence, and the President has an opportunity to refute it. Period.

“The biggest change from the 1999 Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton is that the House managers — essentially the prosecution in the case — will have only two days for opening arguments.”

This seems like plenty of time to me and fair, given the Dem-led House has already presented their case and gathered all the ‘evidence’ since 2016.

House Democrats have said the evidence is overwhelming, so much so they could shut down their investigations and was even willing to set on it for four weeks. Now they want more investigations done by the Senate, but the problem is it is not the job of the senate, and if they have such overwhelming evidence they why do they need more investigations?

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Thank the Lord for McConnell for standing up like a rock to a bunch of Bolshevik Revolutionists of the Democratic party led by Schumer, Nadler, and Schiff, who all illustrated a falling apart party of America and Israel-hating liberals.

McConnell’s rules, which were eventually adopted in a 53-47 party-line vote this morning, prove the unity of GOP senators behind Trump, who is persecuted by bad, immoral American crooks together with his family and the American patriots that support him as well. Democrats defeat in the Senate prove their next coming defeat to trump in the 2020 November presidential elections, losing the control over the House and removal of the gavel from Pelosi for once and for all, after a decade of her abuse of power against the American people.

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Dems know that most people are not politically engaged. Their allies at CNN-MSBC-NYT-WaPo will air or print carefully selected testimony then rely on those unengaged people to ask no questions but to accept their conclusion without reading further.

You can already see the corrupt Democrat’s laying the groundwork for after Pres. Trump is not found guilty of the two articles. They will cry how it was a cover-up and unfair to high heaven. That, of course, will justify their continue push to try to impeach him again.

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This coup attempt has nothing to do with actually removing the president. It’s about soundbites. They’re setting the 2020 narrative. There should be real penalties for this kind of behavior. All members of Congress should be under oath whenever they are speaking in their capacities of officeholders. Without exception.

We must stop this by voting out as many Democrats as we can in 2020 and voting to keep President Trump for another four years. This is the only hope for America to stay free.

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