He’s baack? Cruz to possibly restart campaign if he wins Nebraska

You have to give him spunk I will say that.

I think Cruz has a secret plan here. He doesn’t expect to win the nomination, but if he continues to be a candidate, then there are or were a ton of delegates heading to the convention who were recruited by Ted’s organizers. Often these are delegates who are pledged to vote for Trump but on a second or third ballot would vote for Cruz. So what? Trump, in any case, is likely to win on the first ballot.

But here’s what I call the “secret plan.” The convention has a second major if usually symbolic function: to build a party platform, a statement of political principles and goals. Who votes on the platform? The delegates to the convention. But in this case, the delegates are voting as individuals certified to participate, and they aren’t necessarily lined up according to the candidate to which they’re pledged to vote.

Today, Cruz

From The Hill:

Ted Cruz floated the possibility of restarting his presidential campaign if he wins Nebraska’s GOP primary on Tuesday and avoided saying whether he supports Donald Trump’s bid for president.

Cruz, who suspended his White House run last week, said he does not expect to win Nebraska’s primary but is leaving the door open.

“We launched this campaign intending to win. The reason we suspended our campaign was that with the Indiana loss, I felt there was no path to victory,” he said Tuesday on conservative host Glenn Beck’s radio program.

If that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly.

Cruz demurred on supporting Trump, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, because the Republican National Convention and general election are still months away.

“This is a choice every voter is going to have to make. I would note, it’s not a choice we as voters have to make today,” Cruz said when asked about supporting Trump.

He also brushed aside the prospects of a convention fight or third-party presidential bid.

Cruz thinks he can hope to play a disruptive role by pushing for a platform that will in some sense bind Trump or affect Trump’s choice of a VP nominee. These issues would be ones that conservatives and evangelicals, in particular, would find attractive.

Wayne Dupree

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