Pro-Trump NFL Legend Herschel Walker Blasts NBA ‘Will You be Playing for U.S. or China in the Olympics?’

What’s happening to the NBA right now, makes the downfall of the NFL look like a child’s play.

The NBA is a league of spoiled-rotten, bratty millionaires who are defending a ruthless communist dictatorship so they can continue lining their pockets and getting richer.

And Americans are pissed.  

A perfect example of this unbelievably hypocritical behavior came from NBA star LeBron James.

James once laughably claimed that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Now, however, “King James” is cowering to communist China, which boasts prison camps filled with tortured political and religious “dissidents.”

China is a country controlled by fear and oppression where freedom goes to die. If that’s not “injustice” I am not sure what is.

LeBron was roasted on Twitter, after he tweeted out this clueless, smug tweet, lamenting over how “hard” it has been for millionaire NBA players to be in China over the last week, having to answer “tough questions.”

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Now, NFL legend and pro-Trump supporter Herschel Walker is coming out to speak against these hypocritical, clueless basketball elites.

Walker slammed the NBA in a tweet, where he said that “America is the greatest country in the world,” and then went on to ask the NBA if they’d be playing for the U.S. or China in the upcoming Olympics.


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