Herman Cain Pulls Name From Fed Position Consideration

President Trump just announced that he would remove former Presidential candidate Herman Cain from his nomination to the Federal Reserve Board following widespread criticism.

Cain’s recently told Wall Street Journal reporters that he was not backing away from his potential nomination, but it seems the honorable man didn’t want to cause the administration more attention.

Mr. Cain said the last time they spoke, Mr. Kudlow encouraged him to hang in there—though he couldn’t specify when exactly that was.

“What Kudlow was doing was giving me an out, and I appreciate that, but I don’t want an out. I don’t want an out,” Mr. Cain said, adding that he doesn’t think the White House is getting cold feet about his potential nomination.

“You know that the president is a fighter, and Kudlow is a fighter. They might be getting a lot of blowback from some folks, I don’t know. But I don’t think they’re getting uncomfortable with it.”

There was just too much opposition to Herman. Coming from both sides. Not fair, not logical, but not something that could be ignored at this point.

I wonder if Cain thought better of trying to get a seat with a majority of senators already against him, or Trump (no doubt at McConnell’s suggestion) successfully urged him to do so. He no longer had any serious chance; anyway, thanks to the revival of sexual misconduct accusations suddenly appearing in 2012, then dropped till now.




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