National Security Council Created This Video To Show Kim Jong Un What They Can Become

The Journey has begun. No other man can offer North Korea the prosperous future that Pres. Trump does. A leader like Trump only comes around once in 200 years.

North Korea must grab the opportunity, step over the line, and sit with the other Nations of the world and help decide its future. Chairman Kim Jong-Un will sit with equal standing and stature and lead his people and himself into wonderful future.

The National Security Council created this video for Jong-Un during his trip to Singapore:

Great video very motivating! I think this is and was a great motivation to the young North Korean leader to make a change for prosperity and peace. Pray for Kim Jong Un and the North Korean people.

Humans all over this planet need to transform our minds, our attitudes, and our whole understanding of humanness. We CAN do so much better, help each other to thrive, and go the extra mile to avoid the usual stupid, selfish mistakes–especially those made by people who saw themselves as our ‘leaders.’

From here on out we have to put REAL leaders in place, and then support them fully and hold them to the highest standards. I am seriously proud of KJU, it could not have been easy for him to take this step.

Hope everything over there unfolds in more amazing ways than any of us can imagine. And I hope our President can take a few days off now and get some sleep, bask in his astounding accomplishment for a bit.

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