Here’s The Real Reason The Navy Leaves Town During A Hurricane

Some people have thought they knew why the Navy leaves town when a Hurricane or Tornado is on its way, but they never heard real facts until they watch this video below. I never knew much of this, but it makes so much sense why they do things this way. I served in the USAF for eight years, so Navy operations are foreign to me.

I can say that I learned something today I never knew and I can go out and tell others.

Source: OpsLens

When a warship is in port, it is tied to the pier with heavy-duty rope, also called mooring lines, designed to withstand great amounts of pressure. They are not, however, indestructible, and hurricane-force winds are considered a great risk. Should one of these lines sever and the ship break loose from the pier without control, the damage to the ship and its crew could be catastrophic. Multiple ships are often moored to a single pier, as is the case in Norfolk, Virginia. A ship breaking loose would have a domino effect that wreaks havoc on the entire fleet.

When in port, ships require hard-wired connections to get services like electricity, Internet, and water. These cables and lines come from the pier and connect to the ship. Some can be temporarily pulled when inclement weather is predicted, but this often means the ship goes without vital services.

When a warship is out to sea, or underway, the engines, propellers, and other equipment are running. During storms, redundant systems are often running as well. This ensures maximum control for the ship and crew. Ships at sea are also highly maneuverable and fast. With enough notice, they can leave a potentially dangerous area and wait offshore in calmer conditions. Should they meet intense weather, military ships are designed to remain upright and maneuverable in even the harshest conditions.

Who knew, right? Either way, the Navy isn’t afraid of the hurricanes, they are just saving our equipment so they can save us later if enemies decide they want to go toe to toe.

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