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Here Comes Shep! Labels Trump’s Tweets “Misleading And Xenophobic Eruption Of Distraction And Division”

Fox News Shep Smith is one individual the viewers do not want on the network, but the executives love him.

He’s anti-Trump without remorse and doesn’t care if anyone dislikes his viewpoints. He takes the truth and turns it around toward his liking before his 3 PM daily show on the Fox News network. In the video below, he decided to push the racist narrative against Trump, the only way he knew how.

His tone and cadence are like a storyteller, bending the narrative for his own and turning what you saw with your own eyes into obscure facts if you let him. He called the presidential tweets, from this weekend, a “misleading and xenophobic eruption of distraction and division.” He explained the situation, in his way, that dealt with “go back where ya came from” sentiment behind Trump‘s attack on notable House progressives like Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Shep called these women “the squad,” and I called them the #RadicalFour. They are nothing but anti-American legislators willing to call out anyone that doesn’t jump on their bandwagon. They called Rep. Nancy Pelosi racist last week, and this week, they are calling Pres. Trump, a racist.

Shep keeps auditioning for CNN or MSNBC. He feels nervous about so many people watching him and would feel better having a tiny audience like he would at CNN and MSNBC.



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