Hebrew National Says They Won’t Advertise On Hannity; Mark Levin Says You Never Advertised There Anyway

Hebrew National thought they would get into the act of coming out publicly against Sean Hannity and his interview with Judge Roy Moore, but they didn’t expect Mark Levin chiming in.

I believe Roy Moore is a good man being railroaded by the establishment and the Democrats to destroy this man it is shameless. Now he could be guilty, but I don’t see any proof, but I do see an establishment going hard after him because he beat their guy, Luther Strange, in the Alabama primary. Moore has run for political office for about eight years, and now all of sudden these accusers come forward, sorry but seems so fishy about this.

Sean Hannity interviewed him a few days ago, and it seems because he didn’t come out with a guilty verdict, those who listened including Media Matters want to destroy him. They started gathering their forces together to go after Fox News to fire the Radio Talk Show Host Hall of Famer.

In pops in Hebrew National. They have those beef hot dogs and are very pricey. I used to get them, but I don’t any more an I won’t after what they tweeted against Hannity tonight. They tried to make it seem as if they were currently advertising on Hannity’s show and this tweet of defiance against Trump and Hannity supporters would make them look good.

Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin saw Hebrew National talk about not advertising on Hannity’s show and tweeted the following:

Thanks, Mark! Hannity hasn’t chosen sides, but Media Matters has been trying for a long time to get him removed from his radio seat.

I will say this with 100 percent conviction. Judge Roy Moore is most definitely guilty of scaring the living daylights out of Mitch McConnell, and several others cause he is a straight shooter.

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