Hawaii Creates Gun Registry For Law-Abiding Citizens! Are You Adding Gang Members Too?

Japan made Chinese citizens turn their guns, the next day they rounded up everyone on the lists. They executed 300,000 men and their sons (Nanking).

So if I understand this, the powers to be in Hawaii ( Democrats) put gun owners that purchased the guns legally on the FBI list but not the criminals who do not have a permit that bought their guns underground or stole them that do not have not permit. Just another example of stupid Democrat / Socialist government punishing people for doing the things legally instead of going after the bad guys.

This is the stupidest law I have seen for gun control. It is like putting teachers on the list because they are in contact with children all the time and might be sexual predators. Might as well put anyone with a drivers license on the list because they might be drunk drivers. How about putting politicians on the list because they might be corrupt and taking bribes.


Legal gun owners commit three percent of gun violence & crimes. So what’s being done about the other ninety-seven percent that illegal gun owners? Oh yes, absolutely nothing. So once again, laws are for friendly people who follow the law & it’s quite evident, from Chicago to California, that the gun laws aren’t working. It seems to be having the opposite effect in Chicago & California.

Liberals idea of gun “safety” is to confiscate all guns, and when someone is invading a home, the homeowner would need to fill out a form, in triplicate, and submit it to the government who would then review it and decide if the homeowner has a need. That would only take two weeks for an expedited case and carry fees of $400.00. Meanwhile, the homeowner would be killed by the invader so the liberal government would destroy the gun because the owner would no longer have a need to keep one.

When are they going to have a database of all the people in Hawaii being treated for Mental Illness or who are on prescription Psychotropic Medications if they want to make lists that have the people in a database that are most likely to start shooting?

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