Have you seen the White House “Christmas” card?

Something is sort of missing from the White House “Christmas” card. Can you identify what it is?


Photo via HuffPo

The 2013 card pictured above, was sent out this week from the White House. It features a rather uninteresting pop-up photo of the White House that includes the Obama family dogs Bo and Sunny. It is signed by the Obama family humans as well as the two pooches.

So what is missing from this seasonal mailing?  Any and all allusions to a specific December holiday or anything remotely related to Christmas. It is missing emotion that is so closely tied to Christmas and the holiday season in general. There is no warmth or happiness or intrigue. There is no tree, no snowy winter background, no manger, nothing that would make me think this is a special card let alone a holiday card.

Aesthetically, the card is plain but when I look at it, it puts me in mind of big government being the focus. One wouls think that if the White House were going to be the focal point of the card there should at least be decorations that would put the viewer in mind of the ‘season’ to which the card is supposedly being sent to celebrate. Right?

Even the message was bland, which is said to reflect Michelle Obama’s theme of gathering as described on the White House website:

This year’s theme is ‘Gather Around’. It celebrates the stories and traditions that bring us together this special time of year. As members of one American family, we are united in a story built over the course of two centuries. The holidays serve as an opportunity to recall our Nation’s journey, reflect on our blessings, and to remember those who serve and sacrifice for our freedoms. It’s a season when each of us can do our part to care for one another.

While that is nice and all, again, it doesn’t have much to do with Christmas, or any holiday for that matter. I think that overall this was a bad choice for a presidential Christmas card and may be more suitable for some other type of message from the White House.

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 The Obamas went with a similar theme last year that at least had some indication it was a holiday-ish card. Their 2012 Christmas card featured a painting of Bo the dog by artist Larassa Kabel. Bo is wearing a scarf and strutting across the White House lawn with a snowy scape around him. Still not my favorite but at least the 2012 card looked seasonal, or something?


Photo via WhiteHouse.gov

To be fair, the Obamas are not the first presidential family to send out Christmas cards that weren’t exactly ‘Christmas-y’. Heck, some weren’t even as cute as Bo the dog (and I have to admit, Bo is a cutie). To view cards from past presidents, click here.

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