HARSH! Former Obama Speechwriter Calls “Stupid” Trump Surrogates A “Bulls**t Factory” [VIDEO]

On Sunday, Barack Obama’s former speechwriter Jon Lovett had some strong words for President Trump surrogates that appear on CNN.

When CNN’s Brian Stelter asked what he could change about their format, Lovett said “stupid” Trump surrogates are a “bulls**t factory” on television too often.

“You look at that giant panel and its smart person, smart person, smart person, stupid person. Smart person, smart person, smart person, bulls**t factory.”

Stelter asked why he would insult Trump supporters.

He said he was not referring to them, but those on television.

“I’m not calling the Trump supporters stupid people. I’m calling the people that CNN puts on television are terrible representatives of the views of conservatives, they’re terrible representatives of the kind of politics we should have. These are not intellectually honest people. These are people building a brand, these are people willing to say anything.”

Lovett also did not like that many Trump surrogates on Sean Hannity’s TV show appeared on CNN.


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He suggested Stelter should criticize them the same way he has criticized Hannity.

Lovett also said a “ten person panel” on CNN draws more confusion for the average viewer.

Editor Greg Pollowitz at tweeted a shorter version of the clip.

Although he said he was not insulting Trump supporters, many of them will not view his interview favorably.

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