Kamala Harris Has Funneled 93K To Maxine Waters Since 2010; Got Huge Endorsement Too!

I had wondered where Sen. Kamala Harris came from. I never heard of her and then one day she was in the U.S. Senate being shut up for talking over witnesses.

It seems Kerosene Maxine Waters will never learn how to be ethical and winning because there’s too much corruptness in her soul. Harris seems to know the District of Criminal game all too well.

Harris has been a senator less than six months. She disrespected and badgered Attorney General Jeff Sessions who has many distinguished years as a senator and other positions. She didn’t allow Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to speak until she was admonished from Senate Chair. She was also admonished for not allowing Director of Homeland Security John Kelly to finished answering her questions without interruption.

Maybe a censure will work on this woman if they do that in the Senate. She can’t contain herself to follow the rules, why not?

Just another liberal minority lawyer breaking laws for her gain. One has to ask, just how corruptible these two are. Harris thinks she can buy her way and Waters looks to be big in the pay for play arena.

Source: Hannity

The FEC filings show that Harris and her team funneled $63,000 to Waters’ campaign committee during Harris’s run for Attorney General back in 2010. In exchange for the “donation,” Waters officially endorsed Harris and featured the democrat on her mailers and newsletters.

During her 2016 Senate Race, Harris sent an additional $30,000 to Waters committee to re-appear on Maxine’s newsletter, which is sent to nearly 200,000 constituents in and around southern California.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Waters’ pay-to-play mailer business has netted her election campaign upwards of $750,000 since 2006.

Senator Harris has made national headlines in recent weeks following her explosive exchange with former FBI boss James Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, when both testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Political insiders expect Harris, an outspoken critic of President Trump, to make a run for the democrat nomination in the 2020 Presidential race.

Same animal different in shape, the Clinton want to become a “kingmaker” they deal with the big players nationally and internationally, the pay to play scheme, you know. On the other hand, Maxine plays with small timers, a couple of thousand dollars for their faces show in her newsletter.

I think this is why the Dems are fighting tooth and nail against Trump. They are all corrupt, dirty Democrats that received millions of dollars amongst the crooked party and they know they are going to get caught if Trump stays in power. The special council should be investigating these dirty Democrats.

Appoint a special prosecutor to look into both Waters and Harris for any and all illegal donations, monies tied to Russia, collusion, or violations of any laws. If it is ok to investigate President Trump, it should be ok to investigate any members of Congress for wrongdoing!

Do you think these two should be investigated and brought up on charges? Share your opinions below in the comment section.

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