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Harris Says She Supports Giving ILLEGAL Immigrants Full Access To HEALTHCARE!

On Sunday morning, CNN ran a recorded segment with Sen. Kamala Harris, a 2020 presidential candidate where she sat down with CNN’s Jake Tapper and answered a number of his questions. One of those was if she supported giving health insurance to people in the country illegally. Her answer falls in line with the rest of the Democrats who answer the question — yes.

I’m opposed to any policy that would deny in our country any human being from access to public safety, public education or public health, period.”

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I don’t mean to be funny in any way but why is CNN even interviewing Harris? It’s Joe Biden’s race to lose and he’s already 24 points up on Bernie Sanders. Harris won’t even make it to the Democrat debate stage with these comments about free healthcare for illegal aliens and forcing the middle-class working American taxpayer to pay for it.

No one should be banned from medical care. However, that service costs money. I am banned from purchasing food from Walmart if I have no money. Certainly, food and water are higher in the priority list except if I am badly injured. So, the question is who must pay. The sick or injured must pay. Next in line is Medicaid for poor American citizens. After that for illegal aliens, get the money from their home countries.

Take the fund from International transfers in a tax. Don’t make Americans pay for health care and food for people who have not been invited here. If I go to Mexico and drink the water and get sick, or shot by a cartel fight, Mexico will not pay for my medical care. They simply won’t.

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It seems like everything surrounds the Democrats these days. The growth of government, constantly attacking not only this lawfully elected president (President Trump) but also his family, his friends and all who support him. The unwillingness to secure our border while undermining our military, undermining our law enforcement. This is a very anti-American party.

Now they want to give free healthcare to illegal aliens, educate them for free, all paid for by the taxpayers who are struggling to pay for the high premiums of their healthcare. Secure the border and do your job! This is and has been a “witch hunt.”

You know what, I’m getting to the point where we make a law that directly ties Democrat Policies, to Democrat voters only. The rest of us shall not be infringed.




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