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Harris RANTS! Trump’s Is Doing These Raids To Distract From His Presidential Failures

Sen. Kamala Harris is trying to increase her position as she runs for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination by yelling to the top of her lungs that Pres. Trump’s immigration raids are “a crime against humanity.”

Harris joined MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Thursday night to rant against Trump and the alleged immigration raids set for Sunday, as reported by the New York Times. Harris believes Trump is trying to distract from his “presidential failures” by ordering law enforcement to…….follow the law.

I never thought I’d be around to see a Presidential candidate proudly complain about a sitting President enforcing our laws. Makes one wonder how many crimes she didn’t prosecute when she was a District Attorney because she didn’t like the law.

Harris: So the guy has now got to start distracting people from the fact that he made all these promises that I believe he had no intention of fulfilling. And he has failed to perform on every level by which we should measure a president of the United States. Not to mention failed as a commander in chief.

And so he’s going to create, as he often does, this distraction….and do these raids, which is a crime against humanity, I believe, in the way he is coming about this and the way he has been handling the issue, when you have babies in cages.

Barack Obama deported way more people than Pres. Trump, but she was silent then. Yes, immigration raids are not pretty, and Congress has failed to act on immigration reform. In the meantime, these are people with judge deportation orders who have exhausted their appeals.

Progressivism is caring more about what “Illegal immigrants” want then what the US citizens wish to and think it somehow won’t affect their lives. Liberalism calls citizens “deplorables” and illegals “dreamers!”


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