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Harris Now Claims “Send Her Back” Was Created By Trump’s Tweets, Not The Rally Audience

Sen. Kamala Harris, a Democratic presidential candidate, told CNN’s Jake Tapper that it was obvious and not debatable that the crowd chanting “send her back” referring to Rep. Ilham Omar at Pres. Trump’s MAGA rally was created by his tweets and not the audience.

Send her back was a response to Omar’s contempt to our country. Send her back was a response to her contempt to Israel and Christians. Send her back was a response to let her know how wrong she is that she needs to educate herself if she wants to continue representing her district because most probably do not share her beliefs.

Harris: I do think they’re empty words, Jake.  You know, the chant was created, not by the crowd, but by the president’s tweets.  And that’s obvious that it’s — you know, it’s really not a debatable point and I think it’s just (INAUDIBLE) — clearly not a sign of real leadership.  I think you have mentioned it; your guests have mentioned it.  Contrast it with a real American leader like John McCain, who during the campaign in 2008 — he stood up, he spoke up.

He was, you know, he understood, as an American hero, that the voice of someone who wants to be, much less is the President of The United States, must be a voice that is about elevating discourse that is about speaking to our better selves.  And this president just keeps finding new lows.  And you know, I would like to say it’s shocking, but at some point — it’s sadly predictable.

So much for the keen perception, we can expect should candidate Harris become president. No, candidate Harris, the chant was created by the crowd and, if I were you, I wouldn’t count on a single vote from them.

It was created by the dishonest media, which for days had truncated Trump’s original (and perfectly reasonable) tweet down to two words: “go back.” Par for the course for these rabidly anti-Trump media. They’ve been doing this non-stop for three years.

Defending any of the four radical ladies at this point does nothing more than indicating agreement with them, their politics, their tactics, their negative patriotism, their leftist argumentation, and their egregious use of sex and skin color.

Suddenly Republicans have stopped being moralists and started playing politics, while the Democrats are still playing politics and pretending to be moralists.


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