Election 2020

Harris Claims Being A Prosecutor Will Help Her To Defeat Trump In 2020

Sen. Kamala Harris, a 2020 Presidential hopeful has already restarted her campaign, and now she wants her supporters to know she is best suited to defeat Pres. Trump, because of her history in law.

Earlier this year, Harris responded to many criticisms of her legal career choice of being a prosecutor, “too many black and brown Americans are locked up” and suggesting she supports major changes. Critics claim her actions as the San Francisco District Attorney and California Attorney General make it hard to support her.

“We’ve got to hold this guy accountable by prosecuting the case in front of the American people against four more years of this administration,” Harris told a gathering of the state conference of the NAACP on Saturday night. “And I’ve prosecuted a lot of cases. But rarely one with this much evidence.”

Sen. Harris Claims She Will Go After Trump Legally If She Is Elected

In addition to portraying her ability to take on Trump directly, Harris aimed to use the speech in this early-voting state, where the Democratic primary electorate is primarily African American, as a way to explain her prosecutorial experience to anyone potentially skeptical of her background as a district attorney and state attorney general who was tough on crime. [ABC News]

Harris is just another pandering Santa Claus with no accomplishments except getting elected. Tough sell convincing minorities how bad the current administration is when its policies have helped lift their employment status to the best it’s ever been.

Ask a California resident what she accomplished as attorney general. No one will give you an answer because she did NOTHING while in office.


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