Hannity RIPS Media Voices On Our Side Who Help Democrats Attack Trump

Fox News Radio Show host Sean Hannity went after the Never Trumpers during his show yesterday lambasting Glenn Beck, Jonah Goldberg, Ted Cruz and much more.

Benny Shapiro decided to weigh into Hannity’s fire bringing up what happened to Romney back in 2012 and lying to his followers with this tweet:

I quickly pounced on what he had to say because when you put yourself out there to push a false narrative, someone has to respond.

Am I right or wrong? What the Never Trumpers have done that has never been done since I’ve been politically aware is campaign against its party candidate and that’s a fact. Instead of beating Trump fair and square on the battlefield, these political voices have resorted to throwing stones and attacking the GOP candidate along with the enemy.

Hannity is correct! If Hillary wins, it’s true blood on those conservative hands that’s didn’t get on board with Trump!! Their names won’t be forgotten and even during the riots and civil war uprisings that will happen if Hillary’s elected. They may have a different opinion then, but it will be to late!! They will have to lay in the bed they make!!


Excerpt From Audio:

“So here’s what I say to all of you Never Trumpers — Glenn Beck, I hope you’re listening. You own Hillary Clinton’s Supreme Court appointments. You own it! You are doing everything you can do to cast doubt in people’s minds! Trump gave us a list. You own her Supreme Court nominees; you own her un-vetted refugees and the 550% increase she will bring into this country. You own the jobs that illegal immigrants will take from the 95 million Americans out of the labor force. You own Obamacare, which is a disaster for this country. You own education because she is beholden to the NEA [National Endowment for the Arts]. And if we don’t improve the lives of 95 million Americans out of the labor force, I blame you for that, too!

“Because you’re helping elect her. And I’m also saying that, hey, we have a $4,100 increase in healthcare payments since Obama has been president. It’s only going to go higher. You get responsibility for that, too! We have got 12 million more Americans on food stamps. If that increases, I’m going to blame you! We have 46 million total. Eight million more Americans living in poverty. Fifty million Americans in poverty. If that gets worse, I’m blaming you! You know, we have the worst home ownership in 51 years. If that gets worse, guess who I’m blaming? I’m blaming all of you!

You tell ’em, Sean! Beck has gone off the deep end! He is no longer rational, and to think I used to like the man! True conservatives need to call out these fakes that call themselves Republicans. Hannity is doing what needs to be done. Beck has always had left leaning ideas, now he’s showing his true colors.

Do you think Hannity was right to attack voices on our side who are publicly attacking our candidate so that he could lose against Hillary?

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