Hannity Said Roy Moore Has 24 Hours To Explain Inconsistencies Or Drop Out

Sean Hannity is fed up and using the interview he had with Judge Roy Moore last week; he wants things cleared up in a hurry.

Hannity gave Judge Roy Moore 24 hours to come clean on inconsistencies or drop out of the race. That’s going to hit some Trump supporters hard as they have been backing Moore against the establishment.

Let’s remember, he has not been charged, tried or convicted by a court of Justice but has been convicted by the lamestream media. For many out there, they believe he should not stand down or be given an ultimatum to come up with a quick answer. I suggest everyone leave this business up to the people of Alabama.

Source: Washington Times

Fox News host Sean Hannity fired a shot across the bow Tuesday evening at Roy Moore, giving the Republican U.S. Senate candidate one day to clean up charges of sexual misconduct — or else.

In the closing segment of Tuesday evening’s ‘Hannity” show, the host played clips from his afternoon radio show in which he asked the Alabama Republican numerous times whether he had, as a man in his 30s, engaged in sexual misconduct against teenagers.

Earlier tonight, one of Moore accusers had a stepson who came out and called her a liar. (Related: Roy Moore Accuser’s Stepson Puts Her On Blast For Lying; Supports The Judge)

Earlier today, a body language expert called the same accuser annotated above a liar (Related: Body Language Expert Says Roy Moore’s Latest Accuser Is A Liar)

There are far more inconsistencies in the accuser’s statements than his-and we have the mother of one accuser contradicting her statement and the stepson of another calling her a liar.

After all this time, why are these women just now speaking out? It may just be me, but it’s like the establishment Democrats and RINOs are paying these women off to make these accusations against Moore. It sure seems like it’s always the outsider candidates who are getting accused of allegations like this. If this were Luther Strange, you likely wouldn’t be hearing a word about anything like this right now.pan>

I think Hannity is starting to worry about his advertisers until of letting the people of Alabama decide what they want to do.

I think the voters of Alabama are the ones to decide. The facts don’t add up. There is no way this is believable, because of the timing, and those who are asking him to step down. Alabama will decide.

What do you think of Hannity’s challenge?

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