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Haley To Russian Counterpart – ‘I’m in awe how you said what you said with a straight face’

The Globalist are trying to get us into a war; we don’t need another war. I like and respect Ambassador Nikki Haley, but I think we need to wait.

The mainstream media propaganda machine is a threat to humanity and world peace.

Haley has been a welcomed addition to the Trump team, but this tough talk when there is no proof is placing the cart before the horse. I understand some of you will say how you “trust Trump’s decision,” but after the Syrian strikes last year that amounted to nothing and then a few months later we learn it wasn’t Assad, we need to be more careful.

The United Nations needs to be able to create more and maintain what limited morality that’s possible on this planet. If it can’t, we should not support it and form another organization that can and will.

Haley had tough talk to her Russian counterpart and believe me she meant business. I know she was speaking for Trump, but I hope we are not creating a false narrative just to justify doing physical strikes in Syria.

Watch this:

Russia has moved some of their troops into areas that would/could be attacked. We are waiting for absolute proof that Assad did this because it makes no sense why he would do this when, with Russia’s help, he was winning the war. Haley doesn’t care about that because she’s receiving bad information from intelligence, in my opinion.

I believe Assad’s enemies did this to keep the war going by drawing other nations back into the war, thus escalating this into a wider war.

Haley is one of the best Ambassadors out there, and she loves her country, and I trust her even though she was a Never Trumper. I still think she needs to slow down because we can’t get this wrong.

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