Hackers Threaten To Release New Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 If Ransom Not Paid

I am a huge fan or Disney’s Pirates Of the Caribbean movie series. It tells of tales I grew up with including the Errol Flynn swashbuckling swordfights reenactments.

The age that we live in now includes hackers with no remorse or morals who wish to upset the natural order of how things are meant to be by causing chaos. Just a couple of weeks ago, hackers released the first ten episodes of the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black,” after their demands were not made.

More demands to release other films have been made over the last few days. Releasing bits and pieces of the new Pirates Of the Caribbean movie could hurt movie sales.

Source: Inquisitr

Iger said that Disney has refused to pay the ransom and that the FBI was investigation. The Disney CEO did not name the upcoming film that the hackers threatened to release online but Deadlinereportedly learned that the film was the fifth instalment of Jerry Bruckheimer’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, starring Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, Geoffrey Russ as Hector Barbossa and Orlando Bloom as Will Turner.

The film is scheduled for release on May 26.

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The hackers threatened to release increasingly large chunks of the movie on torrent sites if their demands were not met. According to Iger, the hackers said they would first release the opening five minutes of the film, and then 20-minute chunks in installments until their demands were met, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Disney has refused to comment further on the matter, but confirmed that they would not pay the ransom.

What should be done with these hackers if found? If the movie is released online, will you still go to the theater to watch? Share your response below in the comment section.

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