All Gun Control Advocates Lose Their Argument With A Video Like This!

Bet you won’t read about this on CNN, MSNBC or the other liberal media.

Hello gun-control advocates. Just so you know, the incident in this video, from start to finish lasted about 15 seconds. The average response time to a 911 call is about 11 minutes.

The way he hit the waitress and was continuing to move forward, the waitress was really good about restraint. She would be totally justified in putting this animal down!

Finally, some true stories about good people with guns, stopping bad people with guns. Just so you know, you can’t show one side of the argument and not the other, that wouldn’t be fair.

Source: Fox News

A waitress with a concealed carry permit defended her co-worker after an irate customer went behind the counter and punched her, newly released video reveals.

The attack at George Webb restaurant in Milwaukee on June 28 could have been much worse, according to Alderman Bob Donovan, who made the footage public.

“I thank God the other waitress had a concealed carry weapon, has a permit… I shudder to think, had she not been there and had she not had this weapon, what this guy might have done,” Donovan told Fox 6.

The suspect, who is a regular at the restaurant and reportedly had been cursing at his server throughout the night for taking too long with his order, came behind the counter and punched her in the face.

Within seconds, the woman’s colleague pulled out a handgun from her waistband and pointed at him until he backed off.

If you watch the video carefully, you will see that this woman starts to reach for her pistol the moment she sees the threat developing. It’s not only important to have a gun, it is also important to take training in situational awareness and reaction.

The only reason he stopped beating that woman was that of a gun, otherwise, he might have just killed her because his food was taking a long time.

Restaurants need to offer discounts to concealed weapons carriers, law enforcement, military, and veterans. When the stuff hits the fan it’s nice to have people who are trained, don’t panic, and end the threat. Put signs out front, customers and staff are armed.

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