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Fox News Guest: Media Punishes Black Conservatives For Supporting Trump

Rachel Campos-Duffy joined Fox and Friends to speak on the media attacks against Omarosa Manigault leaving the White House next month.

April Ryan of CNN started off everything a few nights ago spreading unverified accounts of what happened at the White House that caused Omarosa to come out publicly with her resignation. The media went to great lengths to bring her name up and drag it through the mud.

Campos-Duffy spoke very boldly on the issue calling out the media on their attacks, and she was right. Minorities who support Trump was treated as pariahs and giving the invisible treatment. In the way of Fox News, they hoist us on television to speak about black issues and racism but rarely do we get prime spots to show off our knowledge of other subjects.

Campos-Duffy did a great job here, and I understand her defense of Omarosa.

Source: Mediaite

After pointing out that Manigault is a former Democrat, Campos-Duffy explained that the Apprentice star supported Trump in the 2016 election, and “there is a very special punishment for minorities who are either conservatives, or now Trump supporters.”

And then, Campos-Duffy checked the privilege of white Trump supporters: “If you’re a Trump supporter and you think you’ve had it bad, imagine being Hispanic or Black — the punishment from the media is so much worse.”

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What did you think of the montage Steve Doocey put together of the media attacking Omarosa. As you also saw, it was black women attacking another black female and then you wonder why we can’t come together for the greater good.

I sometimes use the analogy “crabs in a barrel.” These women were jealous of Omarosa’s stature within the administration so they grouped together and poked fun in bullying way.

SHARE your feelings about how the media attacked Omarosa below in the comment section. Do you think it was time for her go?

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