Guest Defends Banning The Word “Man” To Make Things Better In The World

Let’s stop beating around the bush, ultra liberals are loons, and the louder they speak for the Democrat Party, the better off America is. Republicans will gain seats 2018, count on it.

Progressive/socialist feminist Cathy Areu went on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson’s showed tide pods might not be exclusive to high schoolers. Areu defended the idea to remove the word “man” so that individuals would feel better about themselves across America.

This is what Common Core education and political correctness have done to dumb down and brainwash our kids for years now and this is just the tip of the iceberg with more socialists stupidity to come.

I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say probably 92 percent of the country does not care who gets offended by anything. I would probably respectfully laugh in someone’s face if they looked at me and said that they were offended.

They’re saying that the word man is associated with adults – men – as opposed to just humanity or humans. So, they’re trying to avoid the word man – so, if we could eliminate that word, then things would be much better and people would be less offended.

Well, they might have to change the name of the city if people agree with Purdue University. And Purdue found that things need to be updated and they updated their writing guide to take out these words that are apparently offending certain groups of people.

Watch the interview here:

Her arrogance, when Tucker suggested he was offended by the words, college professor, was astounding. As if only she, and people who think like her, could define what words could be considered offensive. She needs a reality check.

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She wants to be called a person. A person has the word son in it. If a man means a grown, mature male, the son must mean an immature, developing male. She wants, instead of being called a woman, to be referred to as an immature child?

The higher-end in education are so smart they become stupid. I don’t even know why he interviewed her. The whole conversation was retarded. And yeah I use retarded when it needs to be used correctly.

I’m surprised she still goes back on his program. Tucker crushes her every time. The best part last night, was when he asked her about Goldman Sachs, and she said people shouldn’t shop there. He snickered and said well it’s a bank, and it went right over her head.

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