Greta Van Susteren Slams Obama – Man Up and Stop Blaming FoxNews and not sit on sidelines

The White House has brought up Fox News when they’re in such fights as they think they will be on future legislation so Obama decides to go after Fox and Fox News Host Great Van Susteren couldn’t take anymore!

It would be better if he’d “man up and get in the arena,” Van Susteren argued. He can come on the network, she added, and he’d be treated with respect. But he just doesn’t.


The White House gets mad “when you ask them for a substantive commitment to an issue,” York responded. Back to the point about Fox, Van Susteren pointed to the Democrats who do appear on the network — but apparently get in trouble with their leadership when they do so.

Parties have their constituencies and enforcement mechanisms, York said. And they don’t want to cross them. Politicians are supposed to be dealing with people like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, yet they get caught up in such “petty squabbles with networks,” Van Susteren remarked.

Wayne Dupree

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