Why is Climate Kid Greta ‘Off Limits’ But Covington Boys Were Fair Game? 

Liberals have very set patterns, and if you pay even the slightest bit of attention you can see exactly what they do in order to push their twisted agendas.

One of their “go-to” moves is using disabled people, minorities, or kids as the “frontman” for their causes. This way they can push whatever they want on you, and if you object, you’re a racist hateful child-abusing monster.

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This is a trick that they’ve used for ages, and I am surprised conservatives have not picked up on it sooner.

Example, if you name a militant, cop-hating group something totally justified, like “Black Lives Matter”  how can anybody argue with that? Of course black people’s lives matter. But, if you condemn the groups abhorrent actions, somehow you’re also condemning the fact that “black lives matter.”

See how this works?

Same goes with Pro-choice. You name a movement “pro-choice” so it sounds as if all you’re doing is making amazing life choices for yourself and your family.


We all know it’s not a “choice.” It’s a pro-abortion movement, but how far would the left get with that moniker?

Not very far, at all.

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The left does this to insulate their radical causes. It’s also a way to package and sell very far-left extreme positions to the average person. In addition, it’s a way to protect themselves (insulation) and demonize the right at the same time.

Take for example the new doomsday climate kid, Greta Thunberg. They now have a child with Autism as their frontman for a junk science scam. Now, if anyone dares to condemn her or what she’s says, the left will call them hateful, and accuse them of “attacking kids,” and the sad part is, many, many conservatives will fall for it.

This is how the left advances their causes – on the backs of weak conservatives who don’t understand they’re being used.

These well-meaning conservatives think they’re being “morally right,” and “Christian” by standing up for “all children.” But what they don’t understand is that the left doesn’t play by those lovely “moral” rules. They use conservative’s faith and morality against them.

Why do you think the left so viciously tore the Covington Boys to shreds? They nearly ruined Nick Sandmann’s life over a “smile.”

They are soulless people, who don’t play by the rules.

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Now, the left will do the same to you if you so much as say one bad word about a 16-year-old climate kook. They did the same thing with David Hogg. They made a teenager the face of the anti-gun movement. Get it?

Conservatives need to wise up and stop falling for this game.

Greta Thunberg is a Soros puppet, and anything she says, if fair game. You don’t have to make fun of her goony behavior, but don’t spend your time virtue signaling and apologizing on behalf of all children, because quite honestly, the left doesn’t care about kids…at all.

If they did, they wouldn’t abort them every chance they get.

Take a look blow at the selection of tweets on the subject of Greta and the Covington Boys. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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