GREAT WORK! Operation Safe Holiday Nets 36 Arrests of Child Exploiters

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This is the type of action that I was speaking about a couple weeks ago when I addressed the online conspiracy called #pizzagate. The child sex ring is bigger than what a few Twitter high-profile personalities were directing on a daily basis.

I wanted action, I wanted people arrested, I wanted people to be held accountable for messing with our little kids. I so appreciate our law enforcement officials doing their jobs and corralling the sick individuals and putting them behind bars.

Everybody knows that our children need to be watched over and cared for now more than ever. Watching police do their jobs in taking these men down just made my day.

From Fox News:

Three-dozen Texas men could spend Christmas behind bars after they were swept up in an Internet sting and accused of trying to sexually exploit children.

The Montgomery County men were caught in “Operation Safe Holiday,” a police investigation that spanned from October to December. Undercover cops posing as children messaged the suspects and set up meetings, where the suspects were promptly arrested.

“Sexual predators are looking for opportunities to meet up with underage kids for sex and are using the Internet and social media apps to arrange the meetings,” Montgomery County District Attorney Brett Ligon said Wednesday.

The arrests were made by the county’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force made up of the Conroe Police Department, the county’s constable’s offices, the district attorney’s office, Homeland Security Investigations, Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Attorney General’s Office. Some of the suspects are also charged with Child Pornography and Attempted Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child.

Agencies on the taskforce regularly monitor websites and social media apps, creating identities and entering chat groups online. They respond to postings and start chats on sites like Backpage, according to Assistant District Attorney Tyler Dunman. When the officers start corresponding with suspects online, they make it clear that they’re underage.

“Unfortunately a lot of these types of perpetrators are looking for underage victims,” said Dunman.

I hope that we see more arrests going forward. I would rather see the end result then to watch people on social media get clicks and follows but they don’t have the spine to get out there like Andrew Breitbart and investigate.

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