Graham — The Only Ones Against Releasing Russia Probe Details Are WORRIED About Being EXPOSED!

Sen. Lindsey Graham has the pulse of the people as he stated, “The people who are worried about this are worried about being exposed for taking the law in their own hands,” on Chris Wallace’s Sunday morning program.

They have been trying to destroy President Trump for over two years, and now they are going after Attorney General William Barr because Trump authorized him to check into who initiated the Russia investigation which turned out no collusion, no obstruction of justice charges.

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Panic mode is the new normal for Democrats. We have a President and Attorney General that mean business, and not business as usual. Rep. Jerry Nadler is just the first of many to pass out.

The Democrats are about as transparent as any party has been or ever will be. Their whole agenda is to impeach Trump, whether based on fact or not. They were calling for openness and transparency during the Mueller investigation. When that came back as “Not Guilty,” they dig into anything else they can. Now, when the legality of the investigation is under question, they want no part of it. HYPOCRISY at its absolute worst.

President Trump has authorized Attorney General Bill Barr to declassify all materials related to the Russia investigation, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is giving his full support.

Graham said that while Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation was “not a witch hunt” like Trump has claimed, he wants to know exactly how and why it began, and expressed suspicion for those who do not support Trump’s decision to release the relevant documents.

“The people who are worried about this are worried about being exposed for taking the law in their own hands,” Graham said on “Fox News Sunday.”

Graham was referring to the process the FBI used in applying for a FISA warrant to monitor former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Republicans have claimed that the FBI improperly relied on and misrepresented information from Christopher Steele’s unverified Russia dossier. Democrats have downplayed the role the dossier may have played in the process. [Fox News]

Wallace needs to declare himself a pro-Democrat maybe even extreme left Democrat-leaning journalist. At least the ones on the right make no pretense at being pro right. He doesn’t and is increasingly loading his questions and interviews toward the left.

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Funny six months ago Democrats wanted everything out in the open and declassified. Now that President Trump has done it, they are against it. Those that are against it should be worried, and I pray that they are exposed and charged for their actions against American Citizens and thrown in GITMO where they belong.

The whole attempt to unseat a duly elected President is treason. That conspiracy to commit treason is still ongoing with the weaponizing of oversight by the Democrats. Barr needs to indict anyone and everyone who is involved in the treasonous act to unseat a President based on a crime that is a figment of the Democrats imagination.

The Democrats are making an unmitigated mockery of our government and its processes. All they have is corruption and obstruction. The Democratic Party is evil and a clear and present danger to the survival of our nation, and it’s getting worse every day.


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