FLASHBACK: Lindsey Graham — We Can’t Have Everyone That Lives In A Hellhole Come Here To America

The media has been adding Sen. Lindsey Graham as part of the contingent that heard President Trump call Haiti and Africa “sh**hole” countries.

I have yet heard Graham confess to that assertion, but some Democrats are claiming it did come from his mouth. Back in 2013, during a hearing on borders, the same Lindsey referred to Mexico as a hellhole along with other places in a generalized statement. He was making the distinct difference between Canada and Mexico and how people loved Canada, but when they were finished visiting the states, they wanted to go back home.

Those in Mexico don’t want to go back to that hellhole, and I am paraphrasing what Graham said.

“The tale of two borders, why is one a problem and the other is not? It’s because Canada is a place that people like to stay. They like Canada, we like Canada, we love to have them visit and they want to go home because it’s a nice place,” Graham said. “The people coming across the Southern border live in hell holes, they don’t like that — they want to come here.”

Here is the official statement from Graham’s office:

Strange that I do not see where Graham sided with Durbin on Trump’s exact words as Democrats are claiming but I know he didn’t come out against Durbin’s account either.

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Graham wants what the liberals want, and that’s is DACA amnesty with no border wall funding. Thursday’s meeting didn’t go as planned and Graham got angry too. Bottom line here is either you work with Trump, or you will get the short end of the stick.

Government Blocks Trump’s September Decision To Phase Out DACA; Recipients Can Renew!

Using liberal logic I will assume that the following words/phrases are racist: third world country, second class, economy class, second hand, used, low income, subsidized housing….just to name a few.

Everytime they try to shut down Trump, their sins smack them right in the face.

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Wayne Dupree

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