Gov Huckabee’s Tweets How Maxine Waters Could Take Care Of Kim Jong Un Situation — Hilarious!

Governor Mike Huckabee is a proud father these days watching his daughter stand at the podium and deliver booming shots at the media press, but the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree either.

Huckabee has a great plan to get rid of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, and it deals with utilizing the big mouth of the Congressional Black Caucus, Maxine Waters. She loves to run her mouth and speak on things she doesn’t have the gravity to understand, why not send her over to talk NK’s president to death.

Huckabee tweeted this out earlier this morning, and I just about busted a gut laughing at it.

I guess the reason why I thought it funny is that it came from Huckabee. Just know, however, the NAACP will be knocking on his door sooner or later or there will be protests outside of his offices. Maybe they could send Nancy Pelosi along with her, guaranteed to cause mental instability.

Just in case you haven’t heard the story how Kim Jong Un allegedly killed his brother and uncle.  He wouldn’t tolerate her for two seconds. He wouldn’t even ask for ransom, not that anybody would pay it.

Democrats do not love to be made of. They fall over themselves trying to demonize and defame us on a regular basis but when it turns around on them, their tissue paper feelings. It always does my heart good when I see jokes about Maxine because she is so hateful toward our side.

Her minion declares she’s a national treasure, but most don’t even realize if it were not for Pelosi removing the boundaries for kerosene Maxine, she wouldn’t be this bold to speak. She continues to misspeak subjects about President Trump, often getting names wrong, situations confused and showing her incompetence. Thank God For Huckabee!

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